Liberals Trying to Force Business Displaying ‘Pro-Police’ American Flag to Shut Down

After displaying a “pro-law enforcement” flag outside her antique store in Missouri, owner Cherri Elder was harassed and threatened by the cop-hating left until she removed the flag.

Elder said she wanted to show respect and support for the police, and displayed an American flag with a blue stripe in front of her store, however, she quickly became the target of harassment online and in person.

At first, hateful comments were made on social media, but eventually, a note was left on her shop window, saying, “Pig supporters not welcome. Flag goes down, or you go down!”

The threat was enough to prompt Elder to take the flag down, and is yet another example of how the tactics used by the left in order to silence those with whom they disagree.

Elder has said that she is considering putting the flag back in place, but wants to do it out of respect for the police, and not out of spite for those who threatened her.

Watch the video:


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