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Liberals Go CRAZY Over Trump’s ‘Welcome Home’ Tweet to FLOTUS

“Trump Derangement Syndrome” is real, and it’s become an epidemic at this point.

It’s so bad, that even President Trump’s typos are enough to have liberals foaming at the mouth with rage.

That’s exactly what happened when President Trump, clearly the victim of auto-correct, accidentally misspelled First Lady Melania’s name as “Melanie.”

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Liberals went stark-raving mad over the mistake, selectively forgetting that Obama made countless grammatical errors during his failed presidency.

That doesn’t count, apparently!


Everybody makes typos. Even professional writers who toil away at their keyboards every day make them. To make a typo is in fact human, and newsflash to liberals: President Donald Trump is a human! And as a human, he sometimes makes typos like this:

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