Liberal Website Just Called Adam Rippon the “Biggest Star” in the Olympics

Liberal Propaganda-obsessed is calling gay figure skater Adam Rippon the “biggest star” in the Olympics.

Apparently, this is what mentioning irrelevant and ill-informed attacks on VP Mike Pence each interview scores you with the liberal media.

They seem to think it’s a great idea also to be so weak in your sport’s technical elements that you have no chance of winning a medal and are just there to skate around doing inferior jumps to the real medal contenders.

From Yahoo

“Now the name of the game is as many quads as possible and I don’t have any,” Rippon said.

Guys like Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno of Japan do. They performed a couple quads just in their short program. That’s why they finished first and third, respectively, on Friday. Fellow American Vincent Zhou, 17, skated very well and finished in 12th place. Nathan Chen, however, struggled, falling twice and abandoning the second half of a combination to wind up in a disappointing 17th place.

For Rippon, the quad is about old dogs and new tricks, so he’ll never score enough to medal. He’s fine with it. His performances are about fun and flash and flair, about entertaining and about proving something not just to himself, but to his growing legion of fans.

“I have definitely been getting a lot of attention over the last week and a half so I want to show all those people who showed me love, you know, they have their hands full,” Rippon said.

Rippon, along with freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy are the first Americans to compete at the Winter Olympics while openly gay. That distinction, along with Rippon’s inclination to speak his mind on nearly all subjects, has made him a lightning rod. Many love him. Others don’t. He’s scrapped with Vice President Mike PenceDonald Trump Jr. and others.


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