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Kellyanne Warns Dems on Their Obstructionist Agenda ‘The American People See It’

Over the past year, Democrats have proven, countless times, that they’re not interested in helping the American people, as they’ve undermined and attacked our chosen president relentlessly.

The country chose President Trump, but although he rightfully won the election, Democrats have gone to unbelievable and treasonous lengths to attempt to impeach or oust him.

In fact, Democrats are still at it, desperately trying to force our “America First” president out of the White House, blatantly disrespecting the votes of the American people, as well as the very foundation of our country itself.

Now, as the left continues to obstruct and “resist” President Trump, they’re putting the country at the risk of a government shutdown, and the American people know exactly who is responsible.

As Kellyanne Conway pointed out, during a recent appearance with Fox News, Democrats are still focused on the delegitimization of the 2016 Presidential election, rather than working with the president to benefit the country.

“I’m telling you, the American people see it, to a person,” said Conway, who said that the American people “want a government that functions, and he [Trump] is leading the way.”

Americans are aware of what the Democratic Party is doing to harm our nation, and it is on us to loudly and publicly call them out for their obstructionism and determination to hinder and harm President Trump.

Watch the video: