Katy Tur Suggests Californians Should Move to Swing States to Help Dems Win Elections

MSNBC’s Katy Tur, or “Little Katy” as President Trump calls her, has been on an anti-Trump tirade since she was first assigned to cover his presidential campaign over a year ago.

Tur has made some outlandish claims, and has proven herself to be thoroughly “progressive” to the core, much like the rest of her coworkers at MSNBC.

Recently, Tur and her associates on the fake news network had a bit of a meltdown over the reasons why Democrats can’t win elections, and she had some radical ideas on how to change all that.

During yet another discussion on why Hillary Clinton lost, Katy Tur and her MSNBC panelists got on the subject of the Electoral College, which has been hated by Democrats for quite a while, and discussed how to “get around” that issue.

In typical low-info liberal fashion, Tur asked, “Why would the Democratic Party not just recruit people from California to move to Michigan and to Wisconsin?”

The thing is, Katy Tur and her friends at MNSBC are not joking around, they actually believe that the Electoral College (something which is designed to preserve the value of all American votes) should be eliminated completely, simply because it doesn’t let California and New York decide the outcome of our elections.

Liberals are absolutely furious that left-wing, cosmopolitan cities like Los Angeles and New York City must share election equality with “fly over” rural areas, specifically in the Midwest and the South.

Rather than accept the results of the election, and admit the fact that the majority of the country chose President Trump over Hillary Clinton, the left continues to make excuses and harp on the fact that Hillary “won” the popular vote.


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