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Katrina Pierson Rips Hillary for Her ‘Huge Ego Problem’ and ‘Elitist Attitude’

In her most recent appearance on Fox Business, Katrina Pierson took aim at Hillary Clinton and her never ending excuses tour.

This is a huge ego problem, this is an elitist attitude. So of course she is going to continue to point fingers, everyone knows that she was the problem, with the exception of herself, which is probably why booksellers have now slashed the price of her book because they’ve already seen it all. They’ve seen the blame game, they see the name calling. So now you can just get it all on paperback for less than $19.99.

Katrina is right. Amazon and Walmart have indeed already drastically slashed the price on Hillary’s book.

And as for Hillary’s excuses? Well just to just name a few….

Watch the video: