Kathy Griffin Faces MAJOR Blowback When She Takes a Low-Blow on Sarah Huckabee’s Appearance

Failed “comedian” Kathy Griffin took a lot of heat on Saturday when she took to Twitter to call Sarah Huckabee “fat.”

She didn’t use that exact wording, but she didn’t have to.

The rail-thin, sickly-looking Griffin, who many say is starting to resemble “Howdy Doody,” wrote a tweet where she said Huckabee could be the “entire defense line” for the Dallas Cowboys.

Griffin was responding to the tweet Sarah Huckabee put out regarding liberal-run restaurant “Red Hen” booting her from the establishment simply because she worked for President Trump.

Griffin is proving yet again, how hypocritical, vile and mean “loving liberals” truly are, and also, how truly fatal her case of Trump Derangement Syndrome is.



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