KARMA STRIKES BACK: Stormy Daniels Just Got SMACKED With a Lawsuit

Things are not going so great for aging, money-grubbing porn star Stormy Daniels, in her quest to extort money from President Trump and cash in on her 15 minutes of fame.

As a matter of fact, things are going really, really bad.

Daniels former lawyer has just filed a defamation lawsuit against the porn star and her “ambulance-chasing” lawyer Michael Avenatti for dragging his name through the mud with a bunch of lies and fake scandal claims.

Gee, where have we heard that before?

From Washington Journal

The former lawyer for Stormy Daniels has filed a defamation lawsuit against the porn star and Michael Avenatti, her current attorney.

Keith Davidson’s lawsuit makes it clear that it is a response to a Wednesday tweet from Avenatti accusing Davidson of “unethical conduct.”

“Stephanie Clifford’s current attorney Michael Avenatti has been on a crusade to falsely vilify Davidson while using Clifford’s Attorney-Client Privilege with Davidson as both a sword and a shield,” the lawsuit reads, according to The Hill. Stephanie Clifford is Daniels’ legal name.

Davidson said Daniels and Avenatti are making “countless reckless and false statements” against him, which will harm his “business, professional and personal reputations,” CNN reported.

Avenatti did not show concern over the suit.

TRENDING: Stormy Daniels Hit with Defamation Lawsuit After Criticizing Former Lawyer

“We look forward to having his frivolous claims thrown out of court,” he said.

“There is no question that at the end of this, Keith Davidson will be disbarred from the practice of law. He is a proven liar and his conduct is abhorrent,” he also said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Davidson represented Daniels in 2016 when she was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about her claims that she had an affair in 2006 with President Donald Trump, who has denied the claim. Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, has said the payment was made to protect Trump and his family.

Now, however, Daniels is claiming Davidson worked against her interests, a claim forcefully advanced by Avenatti.

On Wednesday, Daniels filed a lawsuit claiming that Cohen “hatched a plan” and “colluded” with Davidson to harm her interests, NBC reported.

“Mr. Davidson abdicated his role as an advocate and fiduciary of his client Ms. Clifford and instead elected to be a puppet for Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump in order to advance their interests at the expense of Ms. Clifford,” the lawsuit said.

In his response to Wednesday’s suit filed by Daniels, Davidson said that Daniels was content with his work until Avenatti came into the picture.

“Clifford was clear in her desire that she would say and do whatever necessary in order to prevent” having to return “the $130,000 settlement funds she had received months earlier,” Davidson said in the lawsuit, using Daniels’ legal name.

“Suffice to say, since Ms. Clifford has begun working with Mr. Avenatti, her goals have transformed,” the lawsuit said.

He said that while he was representing her,  “She stated her desire to ‘increase her public exposure and thus her earning capacity.”

Also Thursday, Davidson filed suit against Cohen, claiming that he was recorded without his knowledge and consent.

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