KARMA! Anti-Trump LEAKER Pleads Guilty, Faces Up to 5 Years in PRISON!

Justice is coming, folks.

The anti-Trump NSA leaker, who goes by the name “Reality Winner” has pleaded guilty to unlawful retention and release of classified documents, and will face up to 63 months in prison.

From Fox News Now

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Reality Winner, who is accused of leaking classified government material in 2017, pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday morning.

Winner pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawful retention and dissemination of national defense information.

Reality’s mother, Billie Jean-Davis after the hearing. She says the situation is very difficult, but she is still proud of her daughter. “I’m happy that she did this. She is now able to move forward. We’re able to plan for her. I think that this will enable her to have some peace. And now she can at least look forward to planning for her future and planning for serving her country and serving her community like she’s always done.”

The judge has not yet decided on sentencing. However she could be facing up to 63 months in prison, no fines, and 3 years of supervised release.

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