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KARMA? Anti-Trump Celebrities EXPOSED in Sexual Abuse Scandals

As Hollywood comes crumbling down, rocked to its core by shocking revelations of rampant sexual abuse that has gone unchecked for decades, many celebrities who’ve spewed anti-Trump venom for the past two years are proving to have something in common.

Interestingly enough, many of the Hollywood elites who were the most hateful and vocal in their relentless assaults on our president have been linked to inappropriate sexual behavior.

Charlie Sheen, who has recently become the subject of many heinous allegations, including exposing his HIV to others,  and has a long history of drug abuse and domestic violence, was quite brazen in his hatred for President Trump.

The now-disgraced Kevin Spacey is another Hollywood degenerate who frequently mocked President Trump.

Spacey enjoyed taking shots at our president, until his own history of sickening predatory behavior came to light.

Now, the perverted actor’s career is finished, and no one in the industry will ever work with him again.

Yet another Trump-hating Hollywood celebrity who quickly fell from grace was Ben Affleck, who’s made no bones about his support for the Democrats, and was called out publicly for his glaring hypocrisy.

After issuing a statement condemning the twisted behavior of the vile Harvey Weinstein, Affleck himself came under scrutiny for a sexual assault that occurred early in his career.

The latest anti-Trump celebrity to be exposed for their hidden perversion is the foul-mouthed “comedian” Louis CK, who has spent much of his time recently disparaging President Trump on social media.

The washed up “funny” man’s career was already stagnant, which provided him with lots of free time to attack President Trump, but now, after shocking allegations of sexual abuse, Louis CK is finished, too.

Take a look at the Hollywood celebrities who’ve said hateful things and blatant lies about President Trump, and you will find disgusting, evil qualities in every single one.

Thankfully, the decades of sexual abuse that has come to define Hollywood is being exposed, and hopefully will be eliminated as quickly as possible.