Judge Ellis is Gearing Up to Deliver a FATAL BLOW to Mueller’s Case

Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt is not going as planned.

Obama’s Deep State had it all figured out: They’d create a phony “Russia collusion” story, get the fake news media to spread the stories and in no time the American public would buy into it, and call for President Trump’s head on a symbolic platter.

That’s how stupid and gullible our arrogant government thinks we are.

Instead, poll after poll shows the American public is sick and tired of the phony Russia story – after over a year of intense investigation, and no evidence, it’s time to call off the sham.

Add to that, Mueller’s “key case” against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is falling apart – and – reportedly, about to get hit with another FATAL BLOW!

From Gateway Pundit

FOX News attorney Gregg Jarrett told Lou Dobbs on Monday that Judge Ellis may still side with Paul Manafort in his case against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the DOJ.

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