John Kelly Wants ZERO Refugees Allowed into the U.S.

John Kelly has made it clear, he does not want refugees coming into the United States at all.

We agree with him.

We have far too many homeless vets in this country to be giving refugees and illegals any haven.

From Washington Examiner

White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly said, if it were up to him, the number of refugees that should enter the U.S. each year should be between zero and one.

Kelly’s comment was made during a discussion regarding lowering annual caps on the amount of refugees entering the U.S., the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Last month, it was revealed the administration intended to lower the annual cap on admissions of refugees to 45,000. This is the lowest number seen since 1980, when the caps were first established through the U.S. Refugee Act. Under the Obama administration, the cap had been set at 110,000.

Trump has in the past called for the Department of Homeland Security to execute “extreme vetting” of refugees.

Prior to accepting his position in the White House, Kelly was DHS secretary.


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