Jesse Watters Praises Trump’s Response to the FL Shooting vs. Clueless Dems

Last week, a mentally disturbed 19-year-old murdered 17 innocent victims at a high school in Florida, sparking one of the largest debates on gun control in recent history.

Immediately, liberals demanded more restrictions, measures, and bans, with some even calling for an all-out repeal on the Second Amendment, and offered virtually nothing new to the argument other than screaming for gun control.

President Trump, however, along with Republican lawmakers, teachers, first responders, students, and other American citizens, all offered viable, fresh ideas to combat the issue of school shootings and similar tragedies – and were immediately slammed by the left.

After pointing out that existing “gun-free” policies have done nothing to prevent school shootings, considering anyone who would carry out a mass-murder is probably not concerned with the law, many, including the president, asked why teachers are not allowed to carry guns.

Quickly, liberals attacked anyone who suggested this, but at the same time, offered no real solutions or new ideas, as Fox News’ Jesse Watters brilliantly pointed out.

“You’ve had so many specific ideas come from [President Trump’s] mouth about solving this issue,” said Watters, who went on to say “I’m not hearing the same sort of ideas coming from the Democratic side of the aisle.”


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