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Jesse Watters Hilariously Compares Crooked Mueller’s Bias to Michael Moore

The FBI, which was once thought to be nearly incorruptible, and was held high regard as the best in law enforcement, has fallen upon disgrace.

The once-respected agency has been dishonored by bureaucrats and opportunists, who politicized and weaponized it under the direct leadership of Barack Obama and his flunky, James Comey.

Now, as evidence continues to emerge, a disturbing picture has been painted, and it’s showing corruption and incompetence at the highest levels.

Robert Mueller’s probe, which is comprised entirely of anti-Trump/pro-Clinton agents and lawyers, is looking more and more like a biased witch-hunt to the average American, and the outrage is growing.

Jesse Watters of Fox News accurately summed up this farce of an investigation, saying, “It’s like the FBI had Michael Moore investigating the President of the United States.”

Watch the video: