Jesse Watters Exposes the REAL REASON for Democrats’ Open Borders Fantasy

In the wake of the shameful verdict in the murder trial of the illegal alien thug who murdered American citizen Kate Steinle, the country is outraged.

Now, more than ever, the effects of the left’s “open border” policies are being felt by the nation, and “We The People” are turning our anger into a burning determination to complete President Trump’s border wall.

Jesse Watters, who doesn’t hesitate to shame the left for their foolishness, came out swinging, and denounced liberals for their “borderless America” fantasy, which has gotten countless Americans killed.

As Watters points out in the video below, the real reason that liberals are ok with open borders and illegal immigration is because that’s how they get “political power,” specifically, votes.

Democrats are unable to win elections without the help of illegal aliens voting, especially in large, liberal, sanctuary cities, which have function as a safe haven for criminal migrants.

To the left, the lives of American citizens like Kate Steinle are worth trading, all so they can win elections.

Watch the video:


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