Jerry Brown Warns California Will Continue Burning Because ‘Climate Change’

Jerry Brown has gone full ding-a-ling with his latest claim.

He’s now stating that all of California will BURN TO THE GROUND because of……

….Climate Change.

Sadly for Brown, there is no credible scientific evidence to back up that ridiculous claim.

From Washington Examiner

California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, warned Saturday that climate change could bring more wildfires to the state as firefighters continue battling at least six blazes that have spread throughout Southern California.

“We’re facing a new reality in thee state where fires threaten people’s lives, their property, their neighborhoods, and of course billions and billions of dollars,” Brown said during a press conference in Ventura, Calif., Saturday. “We have to have the resources to combat the fires, and we also invest in managing vegetation and forests and all the ways we dwell in this very wonderful place, but a place that’s getting hotter.”

Brown went on to say the changing climate is “going to exacerbate everything else,” and warned California residents can expect to see droughts returning more often.

“With climate change, some scientists are saying Southern California is literally burning up, and burning up as maybe a metaphor or a description not just to the fires right here, but what we can expect over the next years and decades,” Brown said.

Several fires have burned throughout Southern California for a sixth day, and officials warned high winds and low humidity could fuel the intensity of the fires.

One person, a 70-year-old woman, has died because of the fires, according to authorities.

The six fires have burned more than 175,000 acres, forcing more than 212,000 people to evacuate.

The wildfires in Southern California come just two months after northern California saw the deadliest wildfires in state history. Forty-four people were killed as a result of the blazes, and more than 8,000 structures were destroyed.


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