IT’S TIME TO PANIC: Black Voters JUST Sealed Dems 2018 Fate in STUNNING New Poll

The final nail in the Dems 2018 “blue wave” hopes have just been hammered in, thanks to African Americans.

Black voters now say, they’re better off with Trump than they we were with Obama.

How on earth can Democrats spin THIS news into a 2018 win?

They can’t, the so-called “blue wave” is a lie, perpetuated by the lying fake news media, same as the #Resistance. It’s not real.

From Conservative Tribune

On the campaign trail before the 2016 election, Donald Trump famously stated on multiple occasions that black voters had “nothing to lose” by voting for him instead of sticking with their traditional support for Democrat candidates.

He vowed to improve their lives via his economic policies, and those policies have already reduced black unemployment figures to historically low levels.

Now, a recent poll suggests that a growing number of Americans have taken note of what Trump has accomplished for the lives of black Americans and are giving him credit for the improvement.

The latest poll from Rasmussen revealed that 32 percent of likely U.S. voters believe life has gotten better for young black Americans, with 36 percent stating that life has gotten worse for them and 26 percent believing that life has remained relatively the same.

Compare those numbers with a similiar poll in 2014, three-quarters of the way through former President Barack Obama’s tenure in office, when only 16 percent thought life was better for young black Americans, or the mere 13 percent who thought so at the end of Obama’s term in 2016.

Even among just black voters, nearly twice as many — 28 percent — believed life was better for young blacks under Trump than thought the same under Obama — 15 percent.

To be sure, while it appears Trump is receiving some credit for improvement in the lives of black Americans, and his popularity among them has increased somewhat, there are still problems when it comes to the issue of race relations.

The notably improved quality-of-life measurement was couched by the belief of 47 percent of all voters that race relations in the country had become worse since Trump took office. That said, the number is still better than the 60 percent who thought race relations had gotten worse during Obama’s time in office.

Some 51 percent of black voters and 54 percent of other minorities, as well as 45 percent of whites, think race relations are worse now under Trump. Compare that to 38 percent of blacks, 51 percent of other minorities and 66 percent of whites who felt similarly during Obama’s tenure.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Democrats and independent voters are less likely to think life is better for young black Americans under Trump than Republican voters who support the president’s policies.

Indeed, while 54 percent of GOP voters think life has improved for young blacks, only about 28 percent of independents think the same and a mere 16 percent of Democrats agree.

Interestingly, of those who believe life is better for young blacks, 54 percent also think race relations are improving. Conversely, of those who feel life is worse for black people under Trump, an astounding 94 percent feel race relations are worsening as well, which could say more about them than Trump, but that is a separate issue.

Especially of note — considering how devastating it is to a central narrative of the Democrat Party and liberal media — is the fact that 67 percent of voters think that inner-city crime is a much bigger problem for the nation than alleged discrimination against minorities by police officers.

As noted, Trump still has plenty of ground to make up with black voters in America to reach levels of approval and support similar to those held by Democrats, but he has been gaining in that regard instead of falling back.

Should Trump’s economic policies, not to mention a renewal and restoration of the rule of law in high-crime communities, continue to see success, it is highly likely that his numbers will grow further among minorities.

In the end, though, the president’s policies are colorblind and Trump has made it clear that he is focused on improving the lives of all Americans — black, brown, tan or white — something that hopefully more and more voters will acknowledge and accept.


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