It’s Official! Hillary Will Be ERASED From the History Books

They really do everything BETTER in Texas, and especially when it comes to their school curriculum.

The Texas state board of education has voted to remove any mention of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton from their school books.

This vote was the first of two, and would not mean that teachers can’t mention her, they’re just not mandated to do so.

If they do mention her, I hope they call her “Crooked Hillary.”

Washington Examiner

Hillary Clinton could soon disappear from the history curriculum in Texas.

The Texas state board of education voted Friday to remove the former Democratic presidential nominee and secretary of state from the history curriculum, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The vote was preliminary, and the board will take a final vote on the change in November. The board can also make amendments to the curriculum before then.

Eliminating Clinton from the curriculum would not mean teachers could not teach about her, but rather they would no longer be mandated to do so. And the board is not making any changes to textbooks or other instructional material.

Clinton, the first woman to win a major political party’s presidential nomination, had been included in the curriculum in a section about citizenship, where students evaluated “the contributions of significant political and social leaders in the United States.”

Teachers in the work group who made the recommendation to the board told the news outlet that the state requires students to learn about too many historical figures. Students thus rely on memorizing dates and names instead of digesting the information, they said.

To determine who was “essential” to learn about, they asked questions like, Did the person trigger a watershed change? Was the person from an underrepresented group? Will their impact stand the test of time?

Not including Clinton in the curriculum will save teachers 30 minutes, the group estimated.


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