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Iranian Government in Turmoil as Protests Continue

For the past several days, Iranian citizens, fed up with their government’s corruption and brutality, have protested in many cities throughout the country.

As the people of Iran face their brutal and oppressive government’s riot police, demanding freedom and government accountability, President Trump has given them his support, encouraging them, and letting them know that “the world is watching.”

The Iranian government, which has posed a threat to America and our allies for years, has oppressed their people to the point of anger, and as tension boils over, the situation could bring positive things for the Iranian people and Americans, as well.

Thankfully, as Iranians stand up to their corrupt and oppressive government, which has bullied the Iranian people and the world for years, the leaders are now on the defensive.

Rather than making threats and carrying out the usual mass-executions that the Iranian regime has become known for, now that the eyes of the world are upon them, Iran’s leaders are quickly losing leverage.