Hypocrite Colbert Attacks Roy Moore, Won’t Discuss Disgraced Buddy Louis C.K.

Anti-Trump late night “comedian,” Stephen Colbert, has been in a full fledged meltdown ever since the results of the 2016 election were announced.

Like many deranged Hollywood liberals, Colbert has turned the entire focus of his forgettable show into bashing President Trump, and in the process, has made a complete fool of himself.

Interestingly enough, when the wave of accusations of sexual harassment, abuse, and misconduct in Hollywood began to emerge, Colbert remained strangely silent about a very close friend, disgraced comedian and writer, Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. gave Colbert his first “big break” in Hollywood, and the two have remained close, but now, as the disgraced “funny man” faces shocking allegations of sexual abuse against multiple women, Colbert has stayed largely quiet on the subject.

Colbert had no problems, however, attacking Republican politician Roy Moore, over unfounded allegations that Moore has denied.

As some social media users pointed out, they awaited to see if Colbert would address the accusations against his friend, and sure enough, he didn’t.

Recently, Colbert did discuss the topic with fellow anti-Trump leftist shill, Samantha Bee, where he said he “felt dumb” and claimed no knowledge of his friend’s perverted behavior.

Colbert’s response, especially his initial silence on the subject, really is indicative of how hypocritical the left is- after covering up for their friends and colleagues for decades, these wretched Hollywood elites have no problem attacking and smearing the names of innocent conservatives.

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