HUH? ESPN’s Stephen Smith ‘Black Athletes Have it Pretty Rough’

Stephen Smith, one of the lead “talents” on failing sports network ESPN, has taken “social justice warrior” to whole new and absurd levels.

Now, he’s claiming that rich, spoiled black athletes have it “rough.”

From Breitbart

During his final take segment on ESPN’s “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith responded to Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant “waking up” to see how “rough it is for the average black man.”

Smith agreed with Durant, saying the black athlete also “has it pretty rough” because of their money and the expectations to do right with it.

“If we’re being honest, the black athlete has it pretty rough — not just in spite of the money, but actually because of it,” said Smith. “With money comes expectations to do right, to be right, regardless of the scrutiny or adversity one faces, which is why Kevin Durant was absolutely correct and righteous when alluding to his privileged relationship with the viewing public while making sure to lament the fact that it wouldn’t exist for him or anyone black were it not for riches and fame.”

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