Huck Explains Why Chelsea Handler’s Disgraceful Mockery of His Daughter is BACKFIRING

Anyone who is familiar with “comedian” Chelsea Handler knows that she’s made a career by being vulgar, offensive, hateful, and rude.

After a dismal career in comedy, Handler has re-emerged, and is now a wannabe political activist,  like so many other low-infocelebrities who are desperate to remain relevant.

The washed up comedian-turned-pundit has recently taken a personal interest in attacking White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee’s appearance, and her insults are both inaccurate and nothing short of disgusting.

Mike Huckabee, former governor and father of our brave White House Press Secretary, is put in the difficult position of watching vile and loathsome creatures like Chelsea Handler say sickening things about his daughter, but as usual, he handles it with class.

As Governor Huckabee points out, his daughter has a loving family, and is a stable and happy individual- something Chelsea Handler is clearly not, something Huckabee says Handler “doesn’t understand.”

“I feel sorry for Chelsea Handler,” said Mike Huckabee, who also added that her “vicious attacks” hadn’t done her any favors, as her career is largely over at this point.

Handler, like the rest of the anti-Trump extremists in Hollywood and the mainstream media, is a living example of the classlessness of the left, and is one more reason why liberals cannot gain a foothold with the American people.

Watch the video:

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