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How Many of Peter Strozk and Lisa Page’s 10k+ Texts Were About Trump?

After damning information came to light, which shined a light on Robert Mueller’s biased witch hunt against President Trump, America is still in shock.

Though many of us have long suspected the FBI of being “compromised,” that was proven to be true, when FBI agent Peter Strozk, a member of Mueller’s investigation team, was discovered to have shared anti-Trump text messages with another member of the team.

Strozk, who was having an affair with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, was found to have sent over 10,000 messages back and forth between the two, some of which including anti-Trump rhetoric, as well as pro-Hillary sentiments.

Now, the DOJ is combing through these messages, trying to find out what was said, if anything, that was about President Trump, or related to the probe against him, which both Strozk and Page worked on.

Clearly, this is one of the most blatant and egregious abuse of power, and goes to further tarnish the reputation of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

So far, Robert Mueller’s team has spent over $7 million dollars, accomplished absolutely nothing in relation to finding “Russian collusion,” and has been caught clearly engaging in extreme bias- at this point, the “Special Counsel” should be sent home, and this farce should be ended.

Depending on what is found within the communications between Strozk and Page, which could take weeks or months to comb through, this investigation, that has turned into a circus more with each passing day, could be ended just as quickly as it began.

How many of these text messages do you think were inappropriately about their personal disdain for President Trump and when will they be made public?

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