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Hillary Now Blames Bernie for Not Giving Her the ‘Respect’ She Deserves

Good lord. Hillary is really gunning for the “biggest sore loser in political history” award with this book tour.

Today, she told the women on “the View” that Bernie did not give her the “respect” she deserved and didn’t help her enough.

This after she has already also blamed Russians, Comey, “Fake News,” Facebook, the DNC and everything and everyone else she can think of but her self.

The fact that this miserable human being did NOT win is quite simply the greatest poetic justice in human history.

From Breitbart

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton insisted her Democratic primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) did not give her the “respect” she deserved during the campaign.

Clinton said, “I know what it’s like to lose. I lost in 2008 to President Obama. As soon as I lost I endorsed him. I worked hard for him. I was arguing with my supporters at the Denver convention in 2008 why they had to stop complaining about how I didn’t win and to get out and work for President Obama, and I didn’t get that respect.”

She added, “Let’s remember he’s not a Democrat. That’s not a slam. He says himself I’m not a Democrat. The whole DNC issue was blown way out of proportion.”

Watch the video: