Here’s the REAL Reason Roger Goodell Has The NFL Standing for the Anthem Again

I think we all know that Roger Goodell’s change of heart on the anthem protests is purely strategic, and not at all motivated by patriotism.

Now rumors are circulating that Goodell frantically sent out the memo in response to Monday Night Football’s 17% dip from last week’s game.

Goodell saw the writing on the wall, and it’s hard to miss, because it came in the form of empty seats, unsold merchandise, and unprecedented financial losses, and it was all directly related to the protesting.

Americans did not appreciate seeing overpaid, entitled, RACIST athletes disrespecting our flag, national anthem, police, veterans, and president, and stopped watching NFL games and buying merchandise.

Now, Roger Goodell is simply trying to do damage control, after letting the athletes run the show for almost two full seasons.

From Deadline

That comes a day after Sunday Night Football also hit a season low.

A sliver of a silver lining can be found for the NFL and ESPN in that last night’s game was up 8% in MM ratings from the last year’s Week 5 matchup between Tampa Bay and Carolina. With the help of strong ratings from those always-well-watched Dallas Cowboys, MNF is holding steady with last year’s hard-hit season with a 5% uptick.

Either way, on a full night on the Big 4, MNF looks poised to win the night — again. We’ll update with more ratings later. As a measure, last week’s Chiefs-Redskins game ended up with  11.9 million viewers and a 4.3 rating among adults 18-49. Last night’s game peaked with an 8.3 MM rating during the 9:45-10 PM slot, exactly when The Last Jedi trailer was shown. The Force clearly is strong with that one.


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