Hannity Exposes the Sheer STUPIDITY of London Protesters by Asking This One Question

Sean Hannity had some fun with anti-Trump London protesters.

Turns out they’re as low-info as the anti-Trump U.S. protesters.

From The Blaze

Fox News host Sean Hannity took to the streets of London on Friday to interview British citizens protesting President Donald Trump, who was in the city meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II.

Hannity asked the protesters to list specific reasons why they were protesting Trump, a question that exposed the absurdity of the protests — and as Hannity said: “You can’t make this stuff up.”

What did the protesters say?

  • “It’s been hot this summer for a reason, you know what I mean? … I think [Trump] is promoting climate change.”
  • “I’m here for all the hate Trump exudes. Yep.”
  • [I’m here] to protest against the Trump administration and everything it stands for.” When Hannity asked this woman for specifics, she said: “I’m…I’m OK not being interviewed.”
  • “I think a lot British people are more intelligent than the Americans are when it comes to voting.”
  • “I think [Trump] represents everything that’s toxic about western culture and western history.”
  • “I don’t like his policies.” When Hannity asked for specific, this man said: “All of them.”

Some of the most common answers Hannity received were that Trump is a “racist,” “homophobe,” and “xenophobe.” Others alleged that he has committed human rights abuses. However, none of the protesters were able to provide Hannity with a specific Trump-implemented policy they took issue or disagreed with.


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