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Hannity Calls Out Pelosi and Schumer for Pulling “The Ultimate Political Stunt”

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer proved to the rest of the country that no matter how hard President Trump tries to include Democrats in his “America First” agenda, they’re unwilling to cooperate.

As Trump’s tax reform legislation continues to advance, the president called a bipartisan meeting at the White House, in hopes of bringing Democrats to the table in order to help the American people.

However, Pelosi and Schumer, who have largely assumed the role of the de facto “leaders” of the badly-fractured Democratic Party, skipped the meeting, claiming they were “offended” by one of Trump’s tweets.

President Trump aptly used the snub to his advantage, and made sure to put Pelosi and Schumer’s name tags on display at two empty seats, which he showed to the rest of the country during a press conference.

Democrats have obstructed and undermined President Trump’s “America First” agenda since his very first day in office, and now, their childish refusal to cooperate has put the country on the verge of a government shut down.

Sean Hannity ripped into the obstructionist Democrats during his show on Tuesday night, throwing down the gauntlet to Schumer and Pelosi, accusing them of pulling “the ultimate political stunt.”

Watch the video: