GOP Swamp Creature Admits He’s Not Seeking Reelection Because of Trump

Another swamp creature bites the dust!

Rep. Dave Trott is calling it quits, and says the reason he will not seek reelection is because of President Trump.


From Bizpacreview

One of the biggest benefits of having President Trump in office has been his ability to sift out the true conservatives from the RINOs.

Rep. Dave Trott (R-MI) is the latest Republican member of Congress to announce he won’t be seeking reelection in 2018. In an interview with CNBC, Rep. Trott said he considers President Trump a “factor” in his decision not to run.

Of the President, Trott said “We have different styles and I sometimes don’t understand some of the things he does and says.”

He blamed the President for extreme partisanship in Congress. “It’s a very partisan environment and I think that problem has been exacerbated under President Trump” Trott stated.

The Michigan Congressman pointed to the violence at Charlottseville in August as an instance in which he believes President Trump worsened problems. He’s also not a fan of the President’s leadership style.

“The president blamed the Senate” on health care,” Trott reminisced. “I’m not sure [President Ronald] Reagan would have had a problem with the Senate.”


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