Goodell Defends NFL’s $90 Mil Donation to Radical Left Causes, BACKFIRES Immediately

The NFL is circling the drain as we speak, but Commissioner Roger Goodell is adamant that he will continue using the league as a way to promote “social justice” activism, despite anger from fans.

Now, as the NFL continues its plan to give a staggering $90 million dollars to “social justice causes,” fans are furious and disgusted, but Goodell is doubling down, defending the decision.

The money, which has reportedly been taken from veteran funds, will now be donated to Soros-funded organizations like Black Lives Matter, which espouse anti-Law enforcement sentiments.

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has watched as Goodell has allowed athletes, spurred on by the insidious Colin Kaepernick, to “protest” alleged police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem at each game.

Trump supporters and American patriots in general have grown tired of the NFL and Goodell’s pandering to violent “social justice” groups, and have largely tuned out, but now, as the league prepares to send a shocking amount of money to violent left-wing groups, people are speaking out.

The reaction on social media was swift and loud, with the majority being overwhelmingly negative towards Goodell and his decision.

As many Americans pointed out, the money will almost certainly go to violent groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and knowing this, the NFL is actively funding their dangerous acts.

Sheriff Clarke called the NFL out, as well as countless others, and pointed out that the “social justice” causes that Goodell’s donation will go to are largely anti-police, and will be used to promote chaos.

As the NFL continues to embrace the far-left ideology of Colin Kaepernick and others, the majority of the country has tuned out and stopped buying merchandise, and the numbers prove that Goodell’s “progressive” policies are killing football!


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