Goodell Condemning Anthem Protests STILL Won’t Save the NFL

Roger Goodell’s attempt to save the NFL is simply too little too late.

Although Goodell finally discouraged players from protesting the National Anthem, viewers still feel alienated by the political rhetoric, and probably won’t be tuning back in anytime soon.

Given the comments made by several NFL athletes during interviews and on social media, including some who cursed at fans, Goodell’s token apology just isn’t enough.

From DB Daily Update

  • Tired of winning yet?  Part IV – A few hours after President Donald J. Trump (I never get tired of typing that) issued a tweet early Tuesday morning questioning the current tax subsidies received by the National Football League, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to all 32 league team owners instructing them that “all players should stand for the national anthem.”  Coincidence?  I think not.
  • Goodell’s move, of course, comes a little bit more than a year too late.  It comes after the NFL has lost around 20% of its audience since currently unemployed ex-49ers QB Colin Kaepernick first did his attention-seeking kneel-down during the anthem at the behest of his marxist girlfriend on August 26, 2016.   It comes after Goodell and the 32 owners stood silently by doing nothing as Kaepernick’s silly sideshow act slowly gained imitators at other teams as the 2016 season went along, and after the dam literally broke and disrespecting the flag and anthem became a league-wide fad this season.
  • Goodell’s move comes after the NFL’s reputation as “America’s Game”, a title it had held for at least 40 years, had been tossed into the trash can, as the league has now been surpassed in public approval by both Major League Baseball and, at least temporarily, by the National Basketball Association.  His memo comes after a month of acrimony between the league and the President of the United States, who has repeatedly urged the league to force the players to show a little respect for the country that has made them so fabulously wealthy and famous, and following Sunday’s walk-out of a game between the Colts and 49ers by Vice President Mike Pence.  Goodell’s memo comes only after NFL teams all over the country have played games before half-empty stadiums that used to be host to standing-room-only crowds week after week.
  • The sad part of all of this, if you’re an NFL fan like I used to be, is that every bit of this could have been completely avoided had Goodell, on August 27, 2016, made a phone call to the idiot owner of the San Francisco 49ers, and instructed him to bench a single player for a single game if he would not stand for the national anthem.  But Goodell is a progressive moron, and didn’t have the sense to do that.  Because of that, we have for the last 13 months witnessed what is without a doubt the greatest self-inflicted wound in the history of organized sports, a wound from which the NFL may never really recover.  Tough.


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