Golf Club Sparks BACKLASH By Refusing to Honor Member Since 1969, President Trump

Liberals in charge of a Golf Club in Westchester, NY are attempting to erase history by refusing to honor President Trump, a member since 1969.

The club owners removed Trump’s nameplate from his locker and refuse to put up a portrait of the 45th President of the United States.

Club President Thomas Leslie voted for Hillary Clinton and was a major donor. Apparently he is still so bitter over losing he doesn’t even realize he is insulting his customers.

From Breitbart

Donald J. Trump has been a member of Westchester, New York’s Winged Foot Golf Club since 1969, but since his election to the White House, club administrators have refused to honor Trump with a portrait in the clubhouse and the decision is angering members.

Members and club administrators are lining up along party lines over the portrait imbroglio, according to Page Six.

“Trump has been a member since 1969, and there is a big push to honor him at the club. We should be proud that the President of the United States is a member of Winged Foot: It is prestigious to have him here. But the senior club management has refused to put up a Trump portrait,” a source told Page Six.

Club administrators claim they are trying to prevent partisan bickering by refusing to recognize the president, but that doesn’t wash with Trump’s supporters.

“It seems the leaders of Winged Foot do not want to rock the boat and politicize the club, given that the U.S. Open will be at Winged Foot in 2020,” the paper reported.

The club chiefs also removed Trump’s nameplate from his locker, another move that has outraged some members who believe the liberals in charge of the place are trying to erase Trump’s many decades of membership.

The paper found one member who was angered by the removal of the nameplate. “Each member has a locker with their name on it, but Mr. Trump’s name has been mysteriously taken down. Some members are outraged because there seems to be no justification, apart from, perhaps, too many people were trying to take selfies at Trump’s locker, or they simply don’t want to advertise his membership.”

The club president, Thomas Leslie, a major donor to the Hillary Clinton campaign, has thus far refused to make a public statement on the internal fight over the president’s membership.


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