Forget Fox News, CNN Now Has to Compete Against CARTOONS For Ratings

CNN’s downward spiral in ratings continues, and the disgraced news network has fallen so low that they’re no longer competing with Fox News or MSNBC.

As a matter of fact, CNN is now ranked just above Nickelodeon and TNT, by a rather small margin in total viewership.

From The Daily Caller

CNN continues to struggle with their ratings, losing to Nickelodeon in the total viewers category and Home and Garden Television in primetime viewers last week.

According to ratings by Nielsen Media Research for the week of May 14 to May 20, CNN ranked tenth in average primetime viewership behind Fox News, MSNBC, HGTV, USA, and other networks.

CNN fared slightly better in average total viewership, reaching fifth place behind Nickelodeon and TNT. Nickelodeon managed to beat CNN by nearly one hundred thousand average viewers.

Meanwhile, MSNBC fell to number four behind ESPN in the primetime ratings.

Fox News continues to dominate the cable news battle with MSNBC and CNN, reaching number one in total viewership with 1,452,000 viewers. Fox beat its news competitors in primetime viewership as well but fell to number two overall behind TNT, which was broadcasting the NBA playoffs last week.

Fox also won the coveted 25-54 age category, grabbing 460,000 average primetime viewers compared to MSNBC’s 350,000 and CNN’s 298,000.


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