Ford’s Story is on Life Support After the FBI Interviews Her Three Witnesses

As we already knew, Dr. Ford’s story about an “attempted rape” by Judge Kavanaugh is once again falling apart under scrutiny.

This time it’s the FBI, who have interviewed her three “witnesses,” and all 3 claim they know nothing about a “party” or Brett Kavanaugh behaving like a sexual predator.

Daily Caller

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The FBI had interviewed four people in its probe into Judge Brett Kavanaugh as of Monday afternoon, but the three witnesses whom Christine Blasey Ford alleges were at the party in her testimony do not recall the gathering, according to the Washington Post’s sources.

The FBI has talked to alleged party guests Patrick J. Smyth, Mark Judge and Leland Keyser and Kavanaugh’s Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez, who said that Kavanaugh had exposed himself to her during their college years, according to WaPo.

“[Smyth] truthfully answered every question the FBI asked him and, consistent with the information he previously provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee, he indicated that he has no knowledge of the small party or gathering described by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, nor does he have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh,” Smyth’s lawyer Eric B. Bruce said in a statement, according to WaPo.

“Mr. Judge has been interviewed by the FBI but his interview has not been completed,” Judge’s lawyer Barbara Van Gelder said in a statement Monday, according to CNN. “We request your patience as the FBI completes its investigation.”

Keyser does not remember the gathering in question but has said she believes Ford.

“Ms. Keyser does not refute Dr. Ford’s account, and she has already told the press that she believes Dr. Ford’s account,” Keyser’s attorney, Howard Walsh, wrote in a Friday statement, according to CNN. “However, the simple and unchangeable truth is that she is unable to corroborate it because she has no recollection of the incident in question.”

The FBI had not interviewed Ford as of Monday, according to a source cited by WaPo.

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats signed a letter Monday with a list of 24 additional witnesses they want interviewed by the FBI. Delaware Sen. Chris Coons was the only committee Democrat who did not sign.

Ford alleges Kavanaugh pinned her down and attempted to remove her clothing when they were both minors. She said it happened at a gathering of friends in a Maryland home.

Kavanaugh and Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. Kavanaugh has continued to deny any allegations of sexual assault.

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