Fed Up Citizen Gets Revenge on the Sanctuary State of California!

Over the past year alone, Democrat politicians in California have been working overtime to seemingly destroy the beautiful state, having turned it into a haven for illegal aliens, gangs, and crime.In their efforts to “resist” President Trump, California Democrats like Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Liu, have all but spit in the face of Californians, choosing instead to cater to criminals.

The antics of the unhinged Democrats have turned the state into a nationwide joke, and the good people of California DO NOT appreciate it.

In fact, one citizen was so fed up, that he crafted a remarkable fake road sign, which he attached to a highway sign between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The sign, which read “Official Sanctuary State: Felons, Illegals, and MS-13 Welcome,” also said, “Democrats need the votes!”

Although the sign was fake, the message was not, as Democrats in California have become virtually completely reliant on the votes from illegal aliens, convicted felons, and other degenerates.

Governor Jerry Brown and his cohorts have squandered sickening amounts of taxpayer money in order to entice more illegal aliens to flock to California, all in an effort to gain more votes.


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