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Fake News Peddler Jim Acosta Finally ADMITS He’s a “Snarky” Anti-Trump Hack

By now, CNN’s Jim Acosta is well known for both his theatrical approach to “reporting,” as well as his incessant whining about President Trump.

Clearly, Acosta brings a level of extreme, anti-Trump bias to his unique brand of fake news, but even his colleagues at CNN find his antics to be over the top, with many accusing him of “auditioning” for his own show.

When he’s not making “snarky” comments about President Trump on social media, he can usually be found sparring with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee, or whining on CNN about being “unfairly treated” by the Trump administration.

In a recent interview, Acosta said that he “brings a little attitude” to what he does, but believes that he reports on President Trump in a fair and non-biased way.

Naturally, Acosta whined about President Trump and Sarah Huckabee’s use of the term “fake news,” which has specifically (and accurately) been applied to CNN, for its intentional use of erroneous information and willful misleading of the public.

Though the CNN fake news peddler may claim he covers Trump in a “neutral” way, it’s clear to the rest of the country that he, like the rest of the mainstream media, is clearly out to undermine and attack our America First president in any way possible.

Watch the video: