Fake News Media Goes NUTS After President Trump Has a Burger in Japan

During President Trump’s highly successful trip to Asia, one constant theme remained the same, no matter what country he visited- his hosts love him.

Unlike former President Barack Obama, Donald Trump is “real,” and has the ability to form strong bonds quickly, and make lifelong friends with just a brief meeting, and the rest of the world is noticing.

One of President Trump’s best friends is Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, who seems to thoroughly enjoy hanging out with our president, especially after the strained relationship between Japan and the United States under Obama.

While Trump visited Prime Minister Abe in Japan over the weekend, the two sat down to discuss politics over a hamburger, at a restaurant called Munch’s Burger Shack, owned by chef Yutaka Yanagisawa.

Of course, the brainless liberal media and their horde of zombie-like viewers tried desperately to somehow negatively spin President Trump’s burger, but in Japan, Munch’s is now all the rage.

After serving the two world leaders, which Munch’s called an “honor,” lines are wrapped around the block, and the hamburger ordered by President Trump, a Colby Jack cheeseburger with fries and coleslaw, is now a popular menu item.

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🍔‼︎ 皆様本日もご来店頂き、ありがとうございます! お祝い、労いのお言葉を皆様から頂く事が出来、幸せを感じると共にさらなる飛躍に向けて身の引き締まる思いです^_^! これからもMUNCH’S一同、変わらずお客様にありのままの時間をお過ごし頂ける様、邁進していきます!今後とも芝本店、虎ノ門2号店を宜しくお願い致します‼︎ . . 【当店からのお願い】 お席の予約にて電話受付可能な時間を平日営業日の 《15:30〜17:30》とさせて頂く運びとなりました。 その他時間帯の受付に関しましては、当店ホームページに加えFacebookにてWEB予約受付を開始致しました。お時間のご都合さえ宜しければ、まずお待ち頂く事なくスムーズに承り致します。 . . 明日11/13(月)芝本店は定休日とさせて頂いております。虎ノ門2号店は通常営業日ですが、諸事情により店休日とさせて頂きます。 大変ご迷惑をおかけ致しますが、ご理解ご協力の程、宜しくお願い申し上げます。 . 11/14(火)からは、本店・2号店共に通常営業となりますので、皆様のご来店MUNCH’S一同心よりお待ちしております^_^! . . #munchsburgershack #munchsburgerstand #マンチズバーガーシャック芝公園本店 #マンチズバーガー #craftbeers #hamburger #meat #コルビージャックチーズ

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Despite the best efforts of the fake news media and other enemies of our America First president, they cannot deny the fact that President Trump’s trip to Asia was a game changer, and now, the rest of the world realizes that we chose the right leader.

As President Trump continues to represent America well on the international stage, the blatantly anti-Trump fake news media is running out of ammunition, as are the obstructionist Democrats, GOP traitors, and others who are determined to “resist” no matter what.


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