Fake News Media Foiled AGAIN! Motive in Gazette Shooting DESTROYS Their ‘Trump Did It’ Narrative

While Democrats and the lying liberal media try and spin the Maryland newspaper shooting into “Trump’s fault,” the FACTS say otherwise.

On Thursday, a gunman entered the newsroom at the Capital Gazette office in Annapolis, Maryland and killed five people.

The shooter has been identified as Jarrod Ramos, a man who had a feud with the paper going back several years, due to an article detailing his harassment of a woman.

In 2012, Ramos sued the reporter who wrote the article, and the newspaper for defamation.

However, the judge threw out the case, which infuriated Ramos further.

The unhinged man took to Twitter and went on a rampage, and began stalking and harassing reporters and the newspaper.

Instead of reporting the FACTS of the case, many in our fake news media is trying to quickly brush over the shooters angst with the newspaper in order to spin this to suit their failed anti-Trump narrative.

Once again, proving they’re untrustworthy shills, pushing politics over truth.

From Twitchy

It looks as if there was not a political motivation behind the shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland.

The suspect’s name is Jarrod Ramos, and a lawsuit he filed against the newspaper in 2012 was dismissed.

This should lead to a sad trombone for many in the media who want to make this the fault of President Donald Trump.

Will that stop the attempts by some to make the shooting a product of politics?

Absolutely not.


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