Eric Trump Mocks Hollywood Trump-Haters After Emmy Flop

The lying mainstream media has had a field day attacking our “America First” President and his family lately, and now, the tables have turned.

After an anti-Trump themed Emmy Awards turned out to the the lowest watched Emmys in history, Hollywood has been left reeling.

Apparently, Americans DON’T like being lectured and insulted about their political choices by wealthy, out-of-touch celebrities, and completely tuned out.

Now, Eric Trump has taken a quick jab at the entertainment industry, letting them know that they should focus on doing what they’re supposed to do, which is to entertain people, not preach left-wing politics.

Americans have largely abandoned Hollywood lately, as their anti-American and anti-Trump rhetoric has reached new lows, and seems to be pervasive in just about everything, from comedy to sports.

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