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EPIC RANT! Watch Tucker Go OFF on Mueller’s Tainted Probe!

As  more information regarding Robert Mueller’s biased investigation into the president surfaces, patriots and Trump supporters continue to grow angrier by the day.

From the start, it was clear that Mueller’s team was stacked against President Trump, and now, the rest of the rest of the country is catching on, as several members of the investigation team have recently been exposed as being anything but non-biased.

In fact, most of Mueller’s investigation team, which is now resembling something more like a witch hunt, had ties to the Clinton family, and espoused anti-Trump sentiments on multiple occasions.

Tucker Carlson is helping to lead the fight against this corrupt and blatant attempt to undermine our president, and killed the ridiculous notion that Robert Mueller “accidentally” could have selected someone who represented the Clinton Foundation to investigate Trump.

Tucker, like most of the rest of the country, is clearly aware that this probe into the now-debunked “Russian collusion” theory is nothing more than attempt to oust President Trump from the White House.

Mueller and his team are facing increasing scrutiny for their blatantly biased agenda, and Americans are demanding an end to this investigation, once and for all.