Dr. Sebastian Gorka Reveals the ONLY WAY to Truly “Defeat Jihad”

When looking at the condition Europe is in now, just in the past few years, the tragic cost of Globalism, specifically, the practice of importing millions of unvetted Islamic migrants, is painfully clear.

Many parts of Europe now resemble a third-world hellhole, and terrorist attacks are becoming a regular thing.

Sadly, even here in America, Islamic terrorists have struck, taking the lives of our fellow countrymen in the name of their wicked death-cult, ISIS.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who is an expert on the subject of Islamic terrorism, joined “Fox and Friends” over the weekend, to discuss the only way to truly eliminate the threat of radicalized terrorists.

As Dr. Gorka points out in the video below, physically destroying ISIS soldiers, leaders, and strongholds isn’t enough- the only way to truly defeat them is by neutralizing the ideology, which is has proven to be difficult.

Unlike other groups of Islamic terrorists, ISIS has an extremely effective and dangers appeal to young people, which Dr. Gorka likened to Fascism or Communism.

“We have to take down the attractiveness of the concept of jihad,” said Gorka, who explained that only by eliminating the appeal of the ideology will ISIS and the concept of “jihad” truly be stopped, a task that will require tremendous effort, but is not out of reach.

Watch the video: