Don Jr. SLAMS Mueller’s Biased Probe After “BIG DEAL” Bombshell Revealed

When news came out that Peter Stzrok, former member of Robert Mueller’s investigation team, had shared anti-Trump texts with his mistress, who was another team member, the country became enraged.

In the messages, the disgraced Stzrok mentioned an “insurance policy” against a Trump victory during the 2016 election, which is disturbing to say the least.

As information continued to emerge, the picture became darker and darker, prompting a loud response from American citizens and Republican lawmakers alike.

Now, we know that the “insurance policy” spoken of by the treacherous team was indeed the “Russian probe” itself, stemming from the fraudulent “Russian dossier” created by Fusion GPS.

Donald Junior is not going to take the Deep State’s attacks lying down, and in a scathing tweet on Monday, he ripped into the entire process.

“This is banana republic stuff,” said Don Junior, who was clearly disgusted by the revelations of extreme bias against his father, and our America first President.

“So, a fake dossier leads to a fake probe, to attempt to subvert a duly elected president,” Don Junior also said, calling the news a “big deal.”

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