DOJ to Strip Citizenship of “Diversity Lotto” Criminal Who Aided Terrorists

On Thursday evening, President Trump took to Twitter, where he called for an immediate end to the infamous “diversity visa lottery” program, and called on Congress to “secure the immigration system and protect Americans.”

In just one year, we’ve seen multiple examples of egregious abuse of the broken immigration system, specifically the “visa lottery” and “chain migration” policies, which have directly lead to the deaths of American citizens.

Now, President Trump and his administration are working hard to fix dangerous immigration policies, which have been exploited by terrorists, who have come to the U.S. with the intention of killing and maiming innocent American citizens.

Citing a recent event, in which the DOJ filed a denaturalization complaint against a Sudanese immigrant who was convicted of financing international terrorists, President Trump stressed the importance of an overhaul to our immigration policies. This is the first step towards stripping the criminal’s U.S citizenship.

Although Democrats have made their intentions to undermine and “resist” Trump’s “America First” agenda, thereby putting the lives of all Americans at risk, the rest of the country has spoken, and demanded an end to the waves of unvetted, dangerous migrants.

Thankfully, President Trump is listening, and loudly putting the pressure on Congressional lawmakers to do the job that the American people are paying them to do!

From DailyCaller

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday initiated legal action to strip U.S. citizenship from a naturalized immigrant who illegally funneled charitable donations to a designated foreign terrorist.

In a civil action filed federal court in Missouri, prosecutors alleged that Sudanese native Mubarak Ahmed Hamed lied about his illegal activities on his application for naturalization and in an interview with immigration authorities. U.S. law allows the government to strip citizenship from people who naturalize under false pretenses.

Hamed used his position as the CEO of the Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA) to divert tax-exempt donations from the organization’s account to parties overseas in violation of U.S. sanctions, according to the complaint. Hamed moved more than $1 million from 1997 through 2000 to an account in Jordan controlled by Khalid Al-Sudanee, knowing that Al-Sudanee would transport the funds into Iraq.

As Hamed was applying for U.S. citizenship in 2000, he continued to funnel money to Al-Sudanee.

During a naturalization interview in May 2000, Hamed denied ever having engaged in criminal activity for which he was not arrested, according to the complaint.

The U.S. Treasury Department named Al-Sudanee as a specially designated foreign terrorist in 2004.

A federal grand jury indicted Hamed in October 2008 on 41 counts of money laundering and conspiracy to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and Iraq sanctions.  In his plea agreement, Hamed admitted to illegal financial transactions going back to the period before he naturalized, according to the complaint.


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