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DNC Has Worst Funding in a DECADE, RNC Produces Just the Opposite!

The DNC is in shambles.

They can’t raise any money, they have no leadership, and the ONLY thing that they do is obstruct President Trump and his America First agenda.

From Washington Examiner

The Democratic National Committee raised $5.7 million last month, the lowest amount raised in a November in 10 years, according to new Federal Election Commission data.

Since 2008, the DNC has raised at least $5.9 million per year. Odd-numbered years are usually far lower than even-numbered years, but still, it was the lowest November fundraising total since 2007, when the DNC received only $4.4 million.

November fundraising for the DNC looks like this:

2017: $5.7M

2016: $104.6M

2015: $6.5M

2014: $11.8M2013: $6.1M2012: $22.0M2011: $6.7M2010: $26.1M2009: $5.9M2008: $48.4M2007: $4.4M

The DNC has raised $60.7 million since January 1 and has $6.3 million cash on hand as well as $2.6 million in debt.

The Democratic organization has posted low fundraising numbers all year. DNC Chairman Tom Perez has defended the organization’s low numbers in the spring by saying he hadn’t taken over yet.

“Well, I got there on March 1st,” Perez told NBC News reporter Hallie Jackson about the April report.

Meanwhile, the RNC is breaking fundraising records.

From Washington Examiner

The Republican National Committee raised more money in November than any previous November on record in a non-election year, according to new Federal Election Commission data.

The RNC hauled in $8.2 million last month, which was the eighth consecutive month, under Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s leadership, the group’s fundraising numbers broke a record.

McDaniel attributed the continued success to President Trump’s following through on his campaign promises.

“As President Trump follows through on his campaign promises, our grassroots support continues to grow across the America,” McDaniel said in a statement. “As I travel the country, I see how enthusiastic the hardworking American families are about receiving tax cuts, better jobs, and higher wages and Republicans are committed to creating jobs and spurring economic growth.”

With one month left in 2017, the GOP organization has raised $121 million since January and has just under $40 million cash on hand, and no debt.