Disgraceful Liberal Celebrities Continue to Mock Sarah Sanders’ Appearance

It’s no secret that liberals are the biggest hypocrites in the political arena, just ask any conservative woman, and they’ll tell you just how “tolerant” the left truly is.

Liberals have a long history of brutally attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with their narrative, and they’re far more aggressive with groups of people like Hispanics, African Americans, and women, whom they believe should only vote for Democrats.

Recently, however, things have gotten much worse, and as radical leftist celebrities continue to tout themselves as champions of women everywhere, they seem to neglect to mention that their rules apparently don’t apply to conservative females.

Perhaps one of the most pubic and egregious examples of this hateful liberal behavior is the sickening treatment of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is frequently mocked and berated by liberal pundits and celebrities, based simply on her appearance.

From trashy “comedian” Chelsea Handler, the Trump-hating train wreck that has become Saturday Night Live, and even Cher –there’s been no shortage of liberal celebrities who’ve come out of the woodwork to make hateful and disgusting comments about Sarah Huckabee, and the country is noticing.

After Cher’s recent low-brow attack on Huckabee, Penny Nance, the President and CEO of “Concerned Women for America,” spoke to Fox News about the left’s horrific treatment of conservative women.

“Cher’s attack on Sarah is yet another example of how liberal women in all types of powerful positions stand up for only those women who adhere to their ideology,” said Nance, who added, “If you’re a conservative woman, prepare to be thrown out of the feminist tent.”

Dan Gainor of the “Media Research Center” went further, explaining that “They [liberals] don’t just attack her for being conservative, they dare to treat her as if she’s not a woman,” and also said that “Liberals hate anyone who doesn’t side with them.”

Below you can see Chelsea Handler’s disgraceful (and non-accurate) mock portrayal of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Chelsea Handler’s Portrayal of Sarah Sanders


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