DOJ Gets Another Black Eye, Forced to Demote Official for Ties to ‘Trump Dossier’ Firm

As the country continues to watch in horror as the DOJ and FBI’s corruption and anti-Trump bias is exposed, more details are coming to light, and they’re disturbing, to say the least.

Now, a high-ranking DOJ official, Bruce G. Ohr, was demoted this week, after it was discovered that he’d met with Christopher Steele, the British spy who helped concoct the fraudulent “Trump Dossier.”

Ohr, who recently held an office just four doors down from Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, was removed from his position, and proves to be yet another piece of hard evidence that a “Deep State” attempt to destroy President Trump was indeed underway.

Thankfully, Senator Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee have blown the lid off the blatant corruption that has been rampant in the highest levels of government, including our federal law enforcement agencies.

Under Barack Obama, the reputation of the FBI and the DOJ has been irreparably tarnished, and although Americans knew something was wrong, we had no idea the extent of the problem.

If the DOJ and the FBI want’s to rebuild their image, hopes to regain their former credibility, they’re in for a long road of harsh truths and an overhaul from the ground up.

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