Disgraced Al Franken Refuses to Resign

Lately, it seems like lacking a sense of shame is a requirement to become a Democrat politician.

As accusations of twisted and audacious sexual misconduct continue to emerge against big-name Democrats, the left is becoming even more fractured by the day, and it’s a win for Republicans.

In the case of the disgraced Democrat Senator, Al Franken, who was pictured in numerous inappropriate positions with several women, and is facing a multitude of accusations of harassment and misconduct, Christmas has come early for Republicans and Trump supporters.

Franken has refused to resign, and remained defiant in the face of the litany of allegations of sexual misconduct, and in doing so, has further split the Democrat Party like never before.

Now, far-left liberal celebrities and organizations are coming out of the woodwork to denounce Franken, and to demand his resignation and removal from office, while other high-profile Democrats are sticking by him.

Regardless, the left is now caught between a “rock and a hard place,” in that they must either disavow one of their own, or defend his indefensible behavior- it’s also happening with Bill Clinton and other Democrat politicians.

Clearly, the Democratic Party has a long history of sexual abuse, as well as covering up the abusive conduct of their fellow politicians, often at the expense of taxpayers, and is in no position to continue pushing their anti-Trump agenda.


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