Disgrace LiAngelo Ball Takes Back Thanking Trump for His Release from China

After President Trump rescued his son from a decade in Chinese prison, LaVar Ball has developed a severe addiction to the spotlight, and is desperate to get his “fix” of attention in any way possible.

Ball, who clearly isn’t a candidate for a “Father of the Year” award, was incredulous, and even though the president rescued his son from a horrible fate, refused to thank him.

Of course, the mainstream media, desperate in their quest for any and all stories which could possibly reflect negatively on President Trump, initially flocked to Ball, but his fifteen seconds of fame were over quickly.

Ball, however, desperate for attention, began behaving strangely, and making increasingly erratic and bizarre statements, including mailing basketball shoes to the White House, all in a bid for more time in the spotlight.

Recently, Ball signed two of his sons up to play basketball in Lithuania, and now, LiAngelo Ball is saying that he only thanked President Trump because the UCLA “made him.”

LiAngleo, while clearly lacking in maturity and a proper role model, may be acting on his father’s behalf, but in either case his “taking back” thanking Trump is a disgrace.

If it was not for President Trump he’d be stuck in a Chinese prison for YEARS.

Watch the video:


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