Desperate for Attention, Eminem Goes on a VULGAR Rant Over Trump Supporters Boycotting Nike

I don ‘t know if there’s a more desperate-for-attention has-been celebrity than Eminem.

The aging and failing rapper has been (unsuccessfully) tripping over himself to catch President Trump’s attention. And now, after releasing to flop albums that critics have shredded, Eminem is once again desperately trying to inject himself into the conversation by commenting on the Nike/Colin Kaepernick controversy, and dropping some “awkward” and not-so-edgy “f-bombs.”

This is just 8 miles of pure humiliating desperation.

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Rapper Eminem defended NFL anthem kneelers and Nike’s ad campaign starring Colin Kaepernick, referring to critics as “fucking moron[s]” in a new interview with hip-hop radio host Sway Calloway.

“It’s infuriating. Infuriating. Like really?” Eminem said when asked about people burning their Nike gear over their decision to feature Kaepernick in their new “Just Do It” advertising campaign.
“Nike supports people who kneel for the anthem. At this fucking point, come on — seriously? Seriously? You gotta be a fucking moron to think that’s just what it’s about and it’s that fucking cut and dry,” Eminem said. “You know what I’m saying? Like, there’s a meaning behind this shit and there’s real pain behind this shit.”

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