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Dershowitz Just Summed Comey Up in 3 Perfect Words

All it took was three perfectly strung-together words for liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz to describe James Comey.

The liberal law professor NAILED it when he said that Comey was a man “with no courage.”

From Washington Examiner

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowtiz charged Monday that James Comey is a man with no “courage,” as he didn’t have the nerve to stand up for what he believes when he when he ran the FBI.

“This is a man without courage,” Dershowitz said on Fox News. “He didn’t have courage to tell the president to his face he was wrong, instead he leaked it.”

“He didn’t have courage to walk out of the meeting, which he said was an improper meeting,” he added. “When he was in the presence of the president, he showed no courage.”

Dershowitz met with Trump recently after the famed civil liberties expert said it was wrong for the FBI to raid the office of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Dershowtiz called that act a “dangerous day for lawyer-client relations.”

But Dershowitz said Trump and other presidents want and need honest input, and said Comey seems to have failed this test by remaining silent in Trump’s presence, even when he didn’t think it was proper to meet with Trump to discuss the Russia probe.

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“Look, I think one of the reasons that the president talks to me from time to time is I tell him exactly what I think, at every point in time,” he said. “I told Obama what I thought, I told Clinton what I thought.”

“If you’re the head of the FBI, you have to look the president in the eye and say, ‘Mr. President, you’re wrong,'” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz also blasted the ACLU for failing to raise the alarm about the FBI’s raid on Trump’s lawyer’s office.

He said the ACLU is a “hard Left” organization that opposes Trump, and won’t take up the issue for that reason.