Dershowitz Bursts Liberals ‘Impeachment Bubble’ With One EPIC Statement

Democrats and their “impeach President Trump” narrative is just more political theater designed to cast doubt over our successful and popular America First President.

Our economy is soaring, jobs are coming home, manufacturing is up, Trump is winning the trade war, foreign relations are amazing, patriotism is up, taxes are down, and Americans feel hopeful for the first time over a decade, and Democrats want to end it all.

The Democrat Party wants to IMPEACH the American worker, prosperity, and success.

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Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said evidence wasn’t there showing that President Donald Trump “committed crimes and impeachable offenses.”

Dershowitz said, “I fully understand why so many people want, hope that President Trump has committed crimes and impeachable offenses, but the evidence isn’t there. The president or a candidate is entitled to contribute anything he wants to his own campaign. The only issue here is whether or not there was a failure to report the contribution. That was to the treasurer of the campaign and not to the president and conspiracy is a very big stretch.”

He added, “It’s a stretch. It’s a stretch. Look the reporting — if it occurred, would have occurred after the election considering the chronology of everything, and so to stretch and make a reporting violation which so many campaigns have. President Obama’s campaign had to pay $300,000 for reporting violations. To make a conspiracy out of that when the law itself says the treasurer is responsible, not the candidate, is an example of precisely what we’re seeing, trying to stretch the law to fit somebody, who many Americans hope and want to see commit a crime or commit an impeachable offense.”

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